New Home Set up - Will this work?

  • 12 October 2019
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Hi, I am currently building a new home and wondering if this sonos set up will work.

Firstly my requirements are:
1) Whole system easily controlled with google home mini's set up around the house
2) To be able to stream music from spotify all over the house in sync without any delay
3) Play sound from my TV's usual channels over the whole house.
4) A surround sound set up for my TV

My Proposed set up:
Living Room/TV: Sonos Beam, Sonos Sub & 2x Sonos Ones
Kitchen: 2x Symfonisk bookshelf speakers
Alfresco (Under cover): 2x Sonos Play 5's
Bedrooms: Sonos One's

I have also considered Using other brand outdoor speakers with a Sonos Connect however I am unsure if this would create lip sync issues with the TV sound - Any help would be great! Thankyou!

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1 reply

CONNECT has been replaced by PORT. You can use AMP to drive passive speakers. PORT would be used to supply input to active speakers or 3rd party amplifiers.

I can't comment about how effective the mini's will be.

The quality of lip sync depends on the program material, TV model, cable box, and can vary minute by minute. That said, I don't see many complaints about BEAM's lip sync. On one level, the movie industry solved its lip sync issues in the 1940's, but the A/V industry still hasn't fully resolved their issues. In my experience the movie channels have the best lip sync. The situation is improving -- slowly. And the TV stations must share part of the blame. I've been in the station's control room and lip sync is already out of wack.

With respect to sync between rooms, one can "Group" rooms and they will be time aligned within about 2ms. Note that this is different from "delay". If you are sending audio from a central cable box to Group'd rooms, there will be approximately a 75ms latency for members of the Group. If the cable box is attached to BEAM and the other rooms are Group'd with BEAM, you can use BEAM's lip sync adjustment to time align Group'd players with BEAM, however, this might slightly compromise sync with the TV's. (this depends on the TV and the cable box) Your mileage will vary.

Note that this sync issue is more complicated than you might expect because sound travels only about one foot per millisecond. This means that a speaker that is 20 feet from the speaker you are standing next to will be delayed by 20ms and an observer standing next to the other speaker will claim that your speaker is delayed by 20ms. Both of you will be correct. Normally, the acoustic delay is not an issue inside homes, but you may notice some acoustic delay when standing between rooms. This is physics, not an equipment fault.

With respect to delays, that outdoor "room" could be very large and acoustic delays will be more of an issue.