New Home Build - Would be super grateful for some Advice

  • 7 June 2020
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We are building a new house.  

Sound goals:

Music / streaming / Alexa in 1000 sq ft open plan living, dining & kitchen.  Ceiling in the living / dining is 10 feet and kitchen is 20 feet.  

Outdoor sound on a 600 sq ft deck (accessed from open plan area via large sliding glass

Surround sound for A 600 sq ft rec room

Maybe for our master bedroom.  

We want the easiest and most discreet way to set up our Sonos sound system.  

There will be a 60" TV in the living and a large projector / screen in the rec room. 

1) Thinking that the large open space would require - a Sonos Arc connected to our TV Mount (if possible) plus 6 ceiling speakers (no good drywall to mount wall speakers - it’s all glass or wood panel)-

One pair as a surround group in living above the couch that faces the TV, a pair above kitchen, one between the kitchen and surround and one above the dining table.   We may add a sub woofer if we decide that's important

Is that overkill?  Could 4 pairs do the trick? 

2) In our Den - we are thinking 2 of the architectural series in wall speakers behind the couch facing where the projector screen comes out of the ceiling.  There is no good on the wall for the Arc as the screen will be up a lot of the time.  Can we mount an Arc on the ceiling?  We'd likely add a sub woofer at some point.  

3) In the Master bedroom - can we hide a sonos 5 in the wall behind a screen and still get effective sound?  This would only need power & wifi or ethernet - no amp, correct?  


Thank you very much for any help you can provide!

1 reply

@epicseats Than you for reaching out to us here and welcome to the Sonos Community. As sound performance is subjective to the listener and the environment I would suggest reaching out to a local dealer/installer in your zip code area. You can also see if any Community users have feedback/suggestions from their home setup.