new construction pre-wire & sonos products

  • 6 February 2018
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wanting to take the sonos plunge on my new home for whole house audio - a few facts, and then questions:
- my listening zones are as follows:
1) outdoor with 4 speakers
2) kitchen 2 in-ceiling speakers & dining room 2 in-ceiling speakers
3) master bedroom 2 in-ceiling speakers & master bathroom 1 dual-tweeter in-ceiling speaker
4) family room 5.1 system with a denon receiver
5) 2ndary living area 5.1 system with a denon receiver
note: the master bedroom/bathroom is the only zone that might be playing something different from the rest of the house
- I also have an Elan D1200 (a 12-channel digital power amplifier)
- i don't think speaker brand matters, but i'm leaning towards origin speakers
- i have a dedicated a/v head end location with a middle atlantic rack

a) how many sonos connect devices do i need? and what is best way to "map" them to my zones?
b) do i need volume controls if using the connect devices?
c) confirming that all speaker wires run straight back to the head end where presuming the sonos connects would be located?
d) i don't think i need a connect:amp, sound right?

really appreciate any insight / help - cheers

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