Never Got Return Shipping Label

  • 16 January 2022
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I received a Sonos Roam for the holidays. Upon setting up, the device was malfunctioning. I contacted support who guided me through the exchange process. i received the email stating I would get another email from a logistics partner giving me the return shipping label to get the product back to Sonos for exchange. It took contacting Sonos support 5 times to actually get the shipping label. When I finally received my replacement Roam, the new one that they sent was also defective. Doing a little research, it seems that the Sonos Roam is NOT a reliable product as many many people have had to return it for the same reason.


I first contacted Sonos support to exchange the defective Roam on 1/7/22. Since then, I have been told FIVE different times by s support agent through chat that my return shipping label would be to me by the end of the day. All FIVE times, the label did not arrive.


Currently, in another tab, I am waiting in line to, once again, complain that I do not have a shipping label. In a true testament to bad customer service online, I started at 7 in line. Then, a few seconds later, my place in line INCREASED. How is that fair? I have left negative feedback regarding my experience each time I was with support, emailed the CEO, and tried calling only to be placed on hold for OVER A HALF HOUR.


I do not know what to do at this point. I would simply drive it up to a store to return if that were an option. Being that it is not, I am going to start desperately trying to reach employees that work at Sonos (USA) through googling, Linkedin, etc. Maybe there is a compassionate employee out there that can somehow get my return shipping label to me. MY RETURN SHIPPING LABEL!!!!! Who is this logistics partner? Seems, based on the many posts about this subject, that this partner is not such a good one.


Please, anyone, how do I get a return shipping label to return and exchange this product???


This is ridiculous that I have to post in a message board for the public’s help to get a return shipping label. Was the Roam that bad? Should Sonos have issued a recall on the product?

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1 reply

I am going to post my transcript with Sonos support. I will omit my name and email but the case number is there.

To summarize, I did NOT receive my return shipping label. The best I got out of the conversation was a direct contact with support to try and get this matter resolved. The support tech was patient and understanding. They did all they could to try and get some help to me which I appreciate.

But how hard is it to make a shipping label and email it? I only ask because services like FedEx and UPS make it very easy for the common consumer to do online themselves.

I wish I had chosen the option for Sonos to send me the product FIRST and then have me send back the defective one. Then, at least, it would be on them to get me the shipping label. Instead, I am stuck with a broken Roam (which is very common I guess, advise not to purchase at this point).

Oh well… is the transcript. I will continue to post my attempts until resolved. Stay tuned.

Sonos Digital Assistant (1/16/2022, 9:40:14 AM): ^{"t":"block","msg":"Please select an option above"}^
Sonos Digital Assistant (1/16/2022, 9:40:15 AM): Hey there! I'm the Sonos Digital Assistant.
Sonos Digital Assistant (1/16/2022, 9:40:16 AM): Are you here to ask about an open case?
Sonos Digital Assistant (1/16/2022, 9:40:18 AM): Menu Options:
null (1/16/2022, 9:40:19 AM): Yes
Sonos Digital Assistant (1/16/2022, 9:40:20 AM): ^{"t":"allow"}^
Sonos Digital Assistant (1/16/2022, 9:40:22 AM): Got it. And what's the 8 digit Sonos case number?
Sonos Digital Assistant (1/16/2022, 9:40:23 AM): ^{"t":"formcard","b":"Sonos Assistant","v":"Case_status","objName":"LiveChatTranscript","cKeyAPI":"chatKey","chatKey":"64a3fde8-2c0c-4b05-8b51-35a37388bc72"}^
null (1/16/2022, 9:40:27 AM): menu_ask_case_number_form
Sonos Digital Assistant (1/16/2022, 9:40:30 AM): That doesn't look like a case number. Would you like to try entering it again?
Sonos Digital Assistant (1/16/2022, 9:40:31 AM): Menu Options:
null (1/16/2022, 9:40:32 AM): Yes
Sonos Digital Assistant (1/16/2022, 9:40:34 AM): ^{"t":"formcard","b":"Sonos Assistant","v":"Case_status","objName":"LiveChatTranscript","cKeyAPI":"chatKey","chatKey":"64a3fde8-2c0c-4b05-8b51-35a37388bc72"}^
null (1/16/2022, 9:40:37 AM): menu_ask_case_number_form
Sonos Digital Assistant (1/16/2022, 9:40:40 AM): I'm not finding a case by that information. We can try looking it up, and if I can't find it, I can get you to someone who can help.
Sonos Digital Assistant (1/16/2022, 9:40:42 AM): Let me get a few more pieces of info, first.
Sonos Digital Assistant (1/16/2022, 9:40:43 AM): Can I please have the email address associated with your Sonos system?
null (1/16/2022, 9:40:51 AM): OMITTED
Sonos Digital Assistant (1/16/2022, 9:40:53 AM): What's your first and last name?
null (1/16/2022, 9:40:56 AM): OMITTED
Sonos Digital Assistant (1/16/2022, 9:40:58 AM): It looks like we've already got a case open for you and a rep is investigating. Is your question about one of these?
Sonos Digital Assistant (1/16/2022, 9:41:00 AM): Menu Options:
    Help me with my roam
    RMA process
    No, different topic
null (1/16/2022, 9:41:06 AM): RMA process
Sonos Digital Assistant (1/16/2022, 9:41:10 AM): Thanks, I'm transferring you to a live rep now.
Jeffrey R (1/16/2022, 10:05:29 AM): Hello, my name is Jeffrey. Your case has been reassigned to me and I'll be happy to assist from here. Please allow me a moment to review your ticket so we can pick up where you left off. In the meantime, feel free to provide me with any additional details you think might be helpful.
null (1/16/2022, 10:06:36 AM): Hi Jeffrey. This is the fifth time I have contacted support to get my return shipping lable for the second roam I have had to send back. I was initially told this woul dbe expedited and every time I have contacted support since I was told I would get it by EOD. I have still not received my return shipping label.
null (1/16/2022, 10:06:47 AM): I need the return shipping label sent to me while we are in chat.
null (1/16/2022, 10:06:53 AM): my email is
null (1/16/2022, 10:07:08 AM): I have been lied to 4 times saying it woul dbe sent by end of day. Please send now. Thank you.
null (1/16/2022, 10:09:34 AM): hello?
Jeffrey R (1/16/2022, 10:09:36 AM): Thank you for sharing all this information. Sorry to hear about what happened here. I can definitely assist you with this. Before we start, here's your case number 03630973. Please take note of this as your reference on this chat or in case we get disconnected due to unexpected technical reasons.
Jeffrey R (1/16/2022, 10:10:14 AM): Let me go ahead and quickly check the status of the replacement and if we are able to send a shipping label.
null (1/16/2022, 10:10:25 AM): why do case numbers keep changing? This case has not been resolved.
null (1/16/2022, 10:10:50 AM): Please send shipping label right away. I do not want to end this chat until i have been sent the return shipping label. Thank you.
Jeffrey R (1/16/2022, 10:12:14 AM): This is because you open up a new chat case that's why a new case number has been created.
Jeffrey R (1/16/2022, 10:12:33 AM): currently checking the status or the shipping label.
Jeffrey R (1/16/2022, 10:12:44 AM): Please do bear with me for a minute here. Thanks.
null (1/16/2022, 10:13:02 AM): but my previous case number 03616536 doesn't work anymore. This was a case number I opened initially to get my return shipping label. This issue has not been resolved yet.
null (1/16/2022, 10:13:28 AM): Please do not mark this case resolved until I confirm that I have received my return shipping lable. Thank you.
Jeffrey R (1/16/2022, 10:15:06 AM): Please do save this case number 03616889.  This is the case number for the replacement of the second Roam.
null (1/16/2022, 10:15:31 AM): That is even a different case number than you gave me above
null (1/16/2022, 10:15:35 AM): this is confusing
null (1/16/2022, 10:15:50 AM): you said the case number is 03630973
null (1/16/2022, 10:16:04 AM): now you say it is 03616889. Which is it?
Jeffrey R (1/16/2022, 10:16:15 AM): I did check the case where the replacement is processed. Moving forward, please do use this case number as a reference 03616889.
Jeffrey R (1/16/2022, 10:16:31 AM): Upon checking, we confirm here that the case is already escalated to our returns team who handles the shipping label.
null (1/16/2022, 10:16:36 AM): understood. what is the status of the return shipping label. could you please email it to me? thank you
Jeffrey R (1/16/2022, 10:17:26 AM): Here's what I can do for you here. I'll be owning the case for now and we'll be reaching our returns team regarding the shipping label. Once I have the feedback. I'll be quickly sending you an update about the delay shipping label.
null (1/16/2022, 10:17:31 AM): please connect me with the people that I can communicate directly with that can help me. I need this return shipping label while we are chatting. I do not want to leave the chat until I receive the return shipping label.
Jeffrey R (1/16/2022, 10:17:32 AM): How was that sound?
null (1/16/2022, 10:17:50 AM): I am so sorry. But the rep I spoke with last said the same thing.
null (1/16/2022, 10:18:33 AM): This is the fifth time I have been told the same thing. I am not satisfied with that. Apologies as I know you are trying to help. However, I do not want to end this chat until I receive my return shipping label.
Jeffrey R (1/16/2022, 10:20:20 AM): No need to apologize. I definitely understand how frustrating it is. That's why I prefer to own the case so that whatever our returns team feedback. I will be able to send an email to you in no time.
null (1/16/2022, 10:22:01 AM): That is what you said before. However, I do not have an email with the return shipping label. I do not want to end this chat until I receive an email with the retrun shipping label I was promised five times and now by you. Would you mind contacting the person(s) responsible for this label and ask them to email me the return shipping label while we chat so that this matter can be resolved? I do not want to end this chat until i have received the return shipping label. Thank you.
null (1/16/2022, 10:23:15 AM): perhaps your manager or the authority to send the shipping label can join our chat? seems that more than two people can chat at the samt time right? Is that possible?
Jeffrey R (1/16/2022, 10:28:26 AM): That's something we can't do yet. What I did is I already flagged my supervisor this case number. What happened was it was not escalated to the Returns team on your first contact. We already escalated it as we speak and we're just awaiting for their response, which normally via email. I do apologize but rest assured that this is already taken care of.
null (1/16/2022, 10:29:53 AM): I am sorry. That is what I have been told five times now. You are not telling me anything different. I do not want to end this chat until i have received my return shipping label. I will not be satisfied. Please tell me what I can do to get this done? I do not want to end this chat until i receive my return shipping label please.
null (1/16/2022, 10:30:48 AM): two days ago, I was told and assured that I would receive it by EOD. This was friday. I have not received it after being promised.
null (1/16/2022, 10:31:47 AM): Then, when I try to enter my previous case number I saved in the transcript, it is closed and you have to open a new one. This matter is not resolved and I will not be satisfied until I receive the return shipping label while we are chatting. Thank you so much for making this happen.
Jeffrey R (1/16/2022, 10:32:31 AM): I understand. We're actually from the technical support team and there's another team that normally handles shipping labels. Really wish I can send it now so you won't have to wait but I don't have the tools to send it to you. We already know what happened why you didn't receive it on the day you expect it to since it was not escalated for some reasons. That is already something I did few minutes ago. The case is already on the Return's team bucket.
null (1/16/2022, 10:34:42 AM): That is the same thing the last rep told and and then assured, like you, that the matter would be resolved by end of day. This is continuing not to happen. Please connect me with the returns team through chat or provide an email or phone number to contact. If you were able to escalate, there is an address/name/contact info you escalated to. All I am doing is trying to get a return shipping label emailed to me. If I contacted FedEx and asked them for the same, it would have been done a long time ago. I am not satisfied and do not want to end this chat until i receive the return shipping label. Thank you.
null (1/16/2022, 10:35:12 AM): what is the email to the return team or the rerun team's bucket? I would like to contact them directly. Thank you.
Jeffrey R (1/16/2022, 10:38:23 AM): They don't have a specific email they can be contacted to. Normally Sonos will always be the one who will initiates the email then from there you can exchange mails back in forth. It uses a centralized email system. Alternatively, you can contact our phone support so you can follow up. They will be open tomorrow.
null (1/16/2022, 10:42:40 AM): It seems Sonos technical and returns department does not want to help me today. I continue to repeat that I am unsatisfied. I have requested you connect me with your superior/manager which you have refused. I have requested to be connected with those responsible for sending/authorizing the return shipping label and you refused. I have asked to be connected or be provided with address/phone of the returns department which you have refused. This is the second Sonos Roam I have had to return due to it being a defective product. May I have your name and direct email through Sonos so I may contact you directly? You have assured me that you are taking over this case. I do not want to end this chat until I receive my return shipping label. Thank you again.
Jeffrey R (1/16/2022, 10:44:50 AM): Yes. I can go ahead and send you one now indicating that is already escalated. Please confirm if once you already received it. Also afraid to say that they are currently closed and will resume tomorrow since they're only open through weekdays. Apologies but that's the best I can do. Really wish I can easily send it to you now but we need to wait until they receive this case tomorrow.
null (1/16/2022, 10:45:52 AM): Excellent. I do not want to end this chat until I receive that email you said you would send above. Please standby for confirmation that I have received the email. Thank you.
null (1/16/2022, 10:49:07 AM): I have NOT received an email from you yet. Have you sent it?
Jeffrey R (1/16/2022, 10:49:46 AM): Please do refresh your email. We've successfully sent you one.
null (1/16/2022, 10:50:46 AM): Yes. I have received it. I sent a reply indicating the exchange is working. Have you received it?
Jeffrey R (1/16/2022, 10:51:08 AM): Confirming.
null (1/16/2022, 10:52:51 AM): Thank you very much. I am very satisfied after being provided a direct contact to get this matter resolved. I am very frustrated in this process and am very thankful that you will be my direct contact to finally get this matter of not receiving my return shipping label resolved. Please remember to keep this case number open as the matter has NOT been resolved.
Jeffrey R (1/16/2022, 10:53:29 AM): I'd get frustrated too if I'm on your shoes. I did check everything making sure it's already escalated. Looking forward on getting your shipping label the soonest possible. Your patience is really much appreciated.
Jeffrey R (1/16/2022, 10:53:33 AM): Yes, I already taken note of the case.
null (1/16/2022, 10:54:07 AM): Thank you. I will be in touch early tomorrow to get this resolved.
Jeffrey R (1/16/2022, 10:54:33 AM): I really appreciate your time and patience on this. Hope that I was able to help.
Jeffrey R (1/16/2022, 10:54:43 AM): Is there anything else that I could still assist you with for today, Mark.
null (1/16/2022, 10:55:17 AM): While you were not able to help today, I appreciate the direct contact. I will be in touch tomorrow. Unless there is a way for you to get me the return shipping label today, there is nothing else you can try to assist me with.
null (1/16/2022, 10:55:29 AM): I do appreciate the contact though. That was very helpful
Jeffrey R (1/16/2022, 10:56:40 AM): You're welcome. This'll be taken care of the soonest since it's already in their bucket. Just waiting for them to come online, take a look at it and update you through email.
null (1/16/2022, 10:56:54 AM): thank you
Jeffrey R (1/16/2022, 10:57:02 AM): Your case number is 03616889, and a chat log will be available once this session is closed. Please feel free to reach out in the future if you have any other questions. Stay safe and have a good one.
null (1/16/2022, 10:57:12 AM): thank you
Jeffrey R (1/16/2022, 10:57:43 AM): Bye for now. Cheers!
null (1/16/2022, 10:57:58 AM): goodbye. thank you again.