Need Help Selecting Sonos Product's For Restaurant

Hi there! I am going to be putting in a new sonos system to replace an existing bose setup in our resturaunt (not satisfied with the bose's sound). The space it about 35 feet wide, by 20 feet long. What speakers would you recommend installing for this space? I was thinking of 2 play 5's, and 2-3 play 1's? Thanks for your input!

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To keep the volume levels uniform at each seating position I'd not do the Play 5s but look at Play 3s instead. Put one in each corner and one centered on each side wall and you should have fairly balanced sound.

If you end up with loud spots then add another pair of Play 3s on the long walls so you have them at the 1/3 and 2/3 locations. I don't think it would be needed, but adding a pair centered on the short walls too would have you at about 12 feet maximum away from a speaker in any location in the room.
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