need help

  • 19 August 2019
  • 3 replies

any recommendations? One VS. play 5 for surround system. I have the playbar and sub. I love it. I want to complete the system but want speaker I can use with versatility when entertaining, and move to other spaces for parties?"

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3 replies

One is actually outstanding for surround duties. Get a pair of them for that purpose.

Get a separate PLAY:5 to use for entertaining. It's too much effort to remove the surround speakers from that setup process, and use them elsewhere. (and by which I mean about 3 minutes of clicking on stuff in the controller, plus having to re-do TruePlay, if you want to. You'd then need to rebond them as surrounds when your done, another 3 minutes of work).
Thank you. I forgot I would have to re-do trueplay each time I moved the speaker. Great insight if the One does great for the surround.
I've got two pairs of the older PLAY:1 as surrounds in my living room and bedroom, they perform flawlessly.