Need advice on what set up would be best for my wife's shop

  • 10 December 2017
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Hello everyone,
Let me start out by saying I have almost no audio knowledge. Being deaf in one ear and having hearing loss in the other my whole life. However my wife really appreciates quality sound equipment. So I'll cut to the case I'm looking to buy her a set up for her tattoo shop and I need advice what speakers and now many to properly set it up. The space is rectangle 14 x36 so 504 sqft. There is a pair of 3ft sliding doors In the middle of the space that are open all of the time on less there is a intimate piece being done. My concern is the length of the room and also having speakers in both spaces for when the doors are closed . My initial idea was two play 5 and a sub but I don't know if that would be adequate for the length of the room. It also seems that I may need at least 3 speakers to ensure the tattoo space is cover when the door is closed. Maybe even 4? How would you guys configure this space?
Thanks BKR

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5 replies

The first thing to be sure of is the presence of a stable and robust WiFi network in the shop; without that, Sonos is a non starter. And ideally, a reliable broadband pipe, so music from streaming services can be used.

I would just start with a few play 1 units scattered across the space, and have them play as one group all the time. Discreet and easy to place and will offer a good and even spread of sound across the space.
The wifi in the shop should not be a issue at all. My only concern is if the play one would give the audio quality she wants.
I am a reformed audiophile and I am happy with them, as are many here. But sound quality is always a subjective thing. Most can buy on the generous returns policy Sonos offers, so I suggest a trial. Upgrade to the 5 is always an option. But more bang/quality for the same spend is usually obtained by more units than less.
Interesting I never thought of the quantity of speakers over quality.
It is a little more than just that; it can't be quantity without quality either. But a play 1 pair, in stereo mode, will sound better to most than a single 5 will. Two play 1 units, playing as independent but grouped units will also solve the problem that any single speaker no matter how good will have - of having to be too loud close to it for music to be well heard far away from it.