Necessary to have Internet service?

  • 28 August 2019
  • 4 replies

Necessary Internet service?I don’t have a reliable Internet service, it goes down constantly. Is it still possible to use Sonos speakers from a source in the home, such as Hi-Fi or TV? Or is the Internet service necessary for the Sonos speakers to work?

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4 replies

It's necessary to set up, yes.

Once the system is set up, it can be used to play local music, etc. without having internet access. Basically, you're just using your own local LAN/wifi, without need to reach out to the internet.
Thanks, Bruce, for the quick response! So… Just to clarify… After I use the Internet service that I have for setting up the Sonos speakers, if the Internet service goes down (which it does quite often), this won’t affect the performance of my speakers in my house provided I am using a local source, such as a turntable?
Correct. Though you aren't limited to the Line-in input. Sonos allows you to add your local library of tracks on a PC/Mac or NAS drive and play those without needing internet access.
It certainly shouldn't.

As any wifi system, it does require a good local wifi network. Several of us tend to recommend reserved/fixed IP addresses in your router for all of the Sonos devices (and basically, anything connected, it's just good housekeeping), but the generally speaking, the only time that can be an issue is when you're updating the Sonos device's software/firmware, which does require an internet connection. But as long as your speakers are getting a good signal, you should be fine.

I do tend to recommend that you have one device wired to your router with an ethernet cable, it puts the whole system on "SonosNet", which is Sonos' own mesh network. It's pretty reliable, as long as it isn't clashing with the broadcast channel of your own router.