NAS for 5,000 songs from itunes with Sonos Connect with NAD 3130 Virgin Super Hub 3

  • 5 January 2017
  • 3 replies

Hi All,
Thanks for taking a look at my question. In the first instance apologies for any confusion I may cause as I am gratefull for any fedback. The question is this: Having bought into Sonos (Connect) now connected to my NAD 3130 streaming itunes through a Virgin Super Hub 3. I would now like to introduce a NAS with possibly a synology case. I prefer to go with used ebay synology case, what disks should i buy and how mnay one or two, I have a spare macbook air for back. Any help gratefully appreciated.

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3 replies

It's not going to be cheap, and unless you have other uses for it, then it seems a bit overkill. For 5,000 tracks virtually any NAS will do, so a cheap one from (e.g. the very popular) WD may well be more cost-effective. I have used a cheap 1TB NAS (LG) for Sonos for about six years without problem (currently 35,000 tracks). I also have a 6TB Synology to back up Sonos and all my other data, but that was a lot more expensive.
HI Amun, Thanks for your comments. I am stearing towards a Synology 2 bay enclosure what spec 1 or 2 TB WD drives would you recommend ?
I use WD Red drives, which are specifically meant for NAS use... However, as I said before, for 5,000 songs what you're considering is overkill (IMHO)... My 35,000 tracks are mainly in .flac format, and they take up just under 700GB of storage, so 5,000 songs would only be about 100GB. If they're in MP3 format, quite a bit less. You'll get perfectly good results from something like a new 1TB or 2TB WD NAS - and it should be quite a bit cheaper.