Multiroom solution for media room with TV and turntable

  • 23 July 2020
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We’re planning to set up a Sonos multiroom system through our house, but we’re struggling to find the right setup for our media room.

The room features a TV on a media unit, with a turntable within the media unit. Our requirement is to have a speaker system for the TV that also allows us to play from the turntable, and both should be able to be cast to other speakers in the multiroom setup.

Our first thought was to get one of the Sonos soundbars, but as far as I can see neither of them would allow us to take the turntable as an external input and multicast that to other speakers.

The Play:5 would allow us to plug in the turntable and multicast it, but we don’t know if a single Five would give us the stereo separation that we want for the TV, and it doesn’t seem that the Five allows an optical audio connection from the TV.

The Port would obviously allow us to plug in and cast the turntable, but it seems astonishingly expensive for what is essentially a multiroom-enabled line-in, and we’d still need to buy a separate speaker system. The Amp has the same issues (although we wouldn’t need to buy an amplifier).

We love Sonos and would really like a solution, but none of the current product line seems to support the kind of behaviours we need. Is there something obvious that we’re missing?

1 reply

For the TV you need one of the Sonos products designed to be used with a TV.  The current lineup is Arc, Beam, or the Amp.  They connect by HDMI ARC or optical, with the Arc also supporting eARC.  Only these devices will play the TV audio without introducing the delay the system will normal introduce for multiroom syncing, and thus you won’t have lip sync problems.

For non-TV inputs, like your turntable, you need a product with a line-in, which is the Port, Amp, or Five.  These will have an audio delay, but it won’t matter since you are not matching audio to video.  Notice that the Amp is the only device that has an line-in input and the TV input.  

Another option you could do is get a 3rd party AVR that can connect to both your TV and turntable, and then use a Port to provide Sonos audio streams to the AVR, as well as pull audio out of your AVR (if your AVR has an audio output)