movies on the screened in porch!

  • 19 July 2020
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New to the forum here…

so I’m looking to set up a motorized projector on our screened in porch, maybe setting it up with a projector and some sort of Sonos product (beam, playbar, etc)


Does anybody have any good suggestions regarding specific projectors and specific Sonos products???  I’m looking for good picture quality, and obviously very solid sound. Not sure if I need 5.1 surround…..not looking to disturb the neighbors, rather looking to enjoy a movie on a peaceful night!


1 reply

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Hi @DB44 

Disclaimer: Sonos soundbars are not designed for use with projectors. Mounting is typically below the TV on a table or wall mount.

To Answer you question:

I can’t recommend a particular projector. Input and output ports on projectors are basically generic. The real expense is in the video processing capabilities and of course your budget.

Using a Beam, Arc, Playbar or Playbase (the latter two are out of production) with a projector would require running an HDMI, Optical or HDMI w/Optical adapter cable from typically a HDMI/Optical switch from the the back of the room (where the projector is located) to the front where the screen is positioned.

The HDMI/Optical switch shown in the link allows up to 3 AV HDMI sources with HDMI out to projector and HDMI w/Optical adapter to Arc or Beam or straight Optical to Playbar or Playbase using the optical out in both scenarios.

Using HDMI w/Optical adapter negates voice control with Arc and Beam. 

Sonos speakers used as surrounds are still an option as is a Sonos sub. The speakers connect wirelessly to the Arc, Beam, Playbar and Playbase.

The final option is to use a Sonos Amp with 3rd party wired speakers to produce the left and right channels and a “phantom” center. The Sonos Amp would interface with the HDMI/Optical switch in the same manner as the Arc and Beam. Sonos surrounds and Sub would connect as previously described.

Hopefully, someone can suggest a projector. Feel free to post again with more questions.