Macbook + Wireless Epson Projection + Wireless Sonos Play:3

  • 11 January 2018
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I already have 2 Sonos Play:3 to listen music from my Macbook and iphone. I am planning to buy an Epson wireless projection to watch movies, but I have one question bugging my mind. Can I simultaneously stream video (on wifi) to Epson projector and audio to Sonos Play:3 without facing bandwith or lag problems ? Thanks for the feedback.

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3 replies

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You have no way with your current system to stream audio from a video source. You have no input into the Sonos system.

What would be source of your movies? How would you get that audio then into Sonos ecosystem.
Hi Chris,

I am planning to stream both video and audio from Macbook. Video will be streamed to Epson and audio will be streamed to Play:3, both on wi-fi.
There's no way to stream audio from the MacBook to the Sonos system without a Sonos device that has a line in, i.e. a PLAY:5 or a CONNECT. As of right now, you can't "push" audio directly into the Sonos system. That will change this year, when Sonos releases their Airplay 2 implementation, I expect.

But the way Sonos works currently is that the controller app on your Mac is a remote control. It tells the computer on the speakers where to go out and get an internet stream. It can be from the hard drive on your Mac (treating it like an NAS), or it can be a stream from the internet. But it can not grab the music that would be played on the Mac's speakers from other applications.