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  • 9 June 2017
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Hello All, I am planning a backyard birthday party and would like to have speakers outdoor to play music. I am novice to music systems and do not have any idea about the terminology. My requirement is to have powerful sounding music that are wireless. I get very good wifi signal in backyard. It's okay even to just use these speakers for the party and then bring them inside later. I want to stream music through both the speakers and want to place them on either side of the patio. if needed can get 3 speakers too. Please suggest. Thanks!

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2 replies

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Sonos would recommend the Play 1, as it is humidity resistant. As to whether or not they will be powerful enough I'd say you'll have to check them out in person. They deliver a surprising amount of punch for their size, but they are small.

Also keep in mind you will have to plug each speaker in for power. Streaming through both will be no issue.
Depending on the size of the yard and availability of mains sockets get 3-4 play 1 units and deploy them in the space for sound with depth. You will always be able to use that number of speakers indoors later. But remember to not leave them in the yard after the party, they are not weather resistant in a general sense.