Living Room Setup: Connect (for Denon/B&W setup) or Two Play:1s?

  • 28 November 2018
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In my living room I have a simple home theatre sound system with a Denon AVRX4300 and two Bowers and Wikins CM9s and B&W's smaller sub (all in white which looks amazing). I would like to use my B&W speakers on Sonos. I also have two Play:1s (in the kitchen and playroom) and I would like to add Sonos into my living room. Some questions:

1. Should I get the Connect or Connect Amp (even though I have a receiver? But I've read the reviews and it sounds like Connect doesn't sync up with the other Sonos speakers as well? Or do I need Connect:Amp?
Pros: Using my B&W speakers, less equipment in my small living room
Cons: More expensive than 2 Play:1s; I need to turn the receiver on and to the Sonos setup before I can use it

2. Or Should I get two Play:1s for the living room and just use those instead of the Connect and B&W speakers?
Pros: cheaper option and always on Sonos speakers
Cons: Not using my B&W speakers

Recommendations? Thank you!

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1 reply

Since you already have 2 play:1s in the house, I would temporarily set them up as a stereo pair and move them to the living room. If you're happy with the results, then get the play:1s.

I suspect that you won't be though, in which case you could have the chose between the connect and the Sonos Amp (the connect:amp is going away). The Connect won't have any issue syncing up with the rest of Sonos. The downside, as you mentioned is that your receiver will need to be on, and set to the correct input.

The Sonos Amp sounds rather ideal for your situation. You can drop your receiver and connect the speakers directly to the Amp. It has over twice the power of the Connect:amp. It also has an HDMI-ARC port so that you can use it with your TV. And yes, you can connect your existing sub as well. But Again, it's $600 vs $300 for the pair of play:1s. I think it's worth it, but you have the opportunity to do a little testing to see what you think.