Link Sonos to wired amplifier with speaker cable

Hi, which sonos to get, if I want to link Sonos with my current home-theatre receiver?
It is 5.1 Dolby atmos receiver with no pre-out on each channel, but subwoofer.
Can TOSlink output 5 channels?

Thank you

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The only 5.1 signal that Sonos can support is a Dolby Digital signal, not an Atmos, or DTS signal.

None of the Sonos devices will output a 5.1 signal to your current home theater receiver, that's not the way that Sonos has designed their system. The Sonos Amp, and the CONNECT are designed to provide a stereo signal to a receiver, but not a 5.1 signal. And similarly, they're designed to accept a stereo signal from a receiver.
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My question would be: what do you want to achieve by connecting your Home cinema receiver to Sonos? Do you want to use Sonos for a homecinema set up in another room? Do you want to use your homecinema receiver as a switch for your TV, BD-player etc (as having a homecinema receiver present suggests you already have the accompanying speaker)? Or, although your remark about 5.1 does not suggest it, do you want to play your music from a Sonos-source on your homecinema receiver?

About your receiver:
- brand and model name would be a good help with helping you;
- does it have an analog out (for a tapedeck for example, that could feed an analog input -no 5.1- on a Sonos) or an hdmi out (that could feed an Amp)?


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