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  • 1 December 2019
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Greetings All!

Currently I have a Play 5 and One.

Question I have is for my large master bedroom, 14 ft x 25 ft. with high vaulted ceiling. Last night I set up my 5 in the corner and the One in the large master bath. I’m looking to improve overall music play, and want to add a second speaker and sub to the master for stereo sound.

Should I:

  1. Get a second Play 5 and add sub (only concern is rather large size of Play 5, and having two in the master bedroom, one on top of a dresser) or
  2. move Play 5 to a den, which I’ll need to do anyways in the future, and get (2) One and sub for the master. (Or is the small One, even with (2) units, too small for a large master)

thoughts? Thanks!





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2 replies

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Definitely option 2.  I think that gives you a better return on your investment  - having the 2nd zone now, and I think a pair of One’s with a sub will handle a larger room without issue.  I love the play 5, but having a pair + a sub may be overkill for most rooms.  I have a pair of them in a large gameroom setup, and they get unbearably loud without a sub added, with plenty of bass.

The question would have been harder if it was - “should I get another play 5 to create a pair, or get another one + sub”.  That one I can’t answer.


I agree with the deljaso - Option 2.

I think two Ones and a sub would be adequate for a room that size - I’ve had a room with similar proportions and that worked well for me.

And the good thing about Ones is that their size means you can put them anywhere without being obtrusive and they’re versatile so, if you ever move house, you can change the configuration easily. The Play:5s are substantially bigger and I don’t know how well two would work in a bedroom aesthetic (I guess it depends on your style).

I had a large master myself once and I had a One on each bedside table with a sub at the base of the bed hidden behind a two seater couch - it was perfect. I could easily reach the controls on the Ones being on the bedsides (I know you don’t have to with voice control and the app but it was pretty handy nonetheless).

I think the reason it worked so well for me was because of how I used the room. I generally sat on the bed itself or on the couch that was centred a little ways off the base of the bed. Having speakers on either bedside meant that I was generally right in the middle of them.

If you do go with two Play:5s, I don’t think you would need/want the sub.