Landscape speakers for Sonos Amp

  • 30 May 2019
  • 3 replies

So I'm looking to install some outdoor speakers within landscaping (Bose Freespace 51 / Klipsch AWR 650) and am wondering what recommendations the community has. Keep in mind no wall mounting.. actual placement within my landscaping. Thanks.

3 replies

I am using a pair of Bose 251 since 2003 and they are still delivering music very well. Wall mounted, and I would expect the Bose 51 to be just as good.
Bose also gives good installation instructions including the thickness of the speaker wire based on the length needed to be used, and if you follow these you ought to get good results.
Thank you for your input
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Good quality (not just size) wire and if you aren't burying it deep put it in plastic electrical conduit for extra protection. You can get elbows and such to bring the wire up with, that once painted look pretty good.