iTunes will not play!

  • 27 October 2016
  • 3 replies

Why won't my iTunes play but radio will work via Sonos?? iTunes plays on my iMac but not via Sonos?? Please help!

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3 replies

it also says( error 1002)?
I think you've not properly set up access to your iTunes folder on your iMac. Find the FAQ on this, and follow those instructions carefully. If you have recently upgraded to MacOS, it may need to be redone, i.e. removing the previous settings, rebooting the software, and re-entering it, in order to make sure that it handles all of the access settings properly.

If I were to guess, you've got permissions/firewall issues, which would be resolved by going through the processes listed in the FAQ for setting up your iMac.
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Hi squanderbug71, welcome to the community. This kind of issue can be caused by a number of different things, and usually it's best to give our support line a call. They can do remote assistance into the Mac and see what's going on. The number for your region can be found at

If you'd prefer to troubleshoot this yourself, this is the article I think Airgetlam was referring to. You can disregard the top section about SMB sharing, as we don't need to use this any more. It's also worth looking at our article on firewalls, which may apply to you as well.