it all started when i wanted a speaker for music now that I work from home...

  • 22 February 2024
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I am very new to REAL audio, and with all honesty, if I had not been able to shop at the base exchange, I may never have even found them.  After I went home, thought about it, and did a little research, I decided to purchase the Move 2.  I was shocked by the clarity and little bit of boom this speaker could give. I looked at my TCL (nothing wrong with them, but it was a Black Friday deal), sound bar, and sub I used to listen to music and decided I am tired of distorted jams…. I needed more…  (put on sunglasses)

Papa Roach, Pink Floyd, Garth Brooks, 2 Pac, Bone Thugs and Harmony Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Kenny G on and on…  I listen to it all, and I like to listen to it loud, and now that I work from home, I do not have to wear the awesome but annoying at times headphones I always did… 

But I did what I always do: get excited and started looking and ordered two items from Sonos and thought I may have made a mistake…  Or my own justification to buy even more and have an awesome surround sound system.  So, I currently have Move 2 here with me now and currently waiting on my Era 300 and Sub to get here from UPS.  My living room is rectangular, and I have my desk where I work to the side of it, probably totaling 20 ft x 15 ft. Now, so my wife does not murder me, I need to wait a few months before I expand further than this.  What should I get in addition to what I have for surround sound, and are the sub and Era just too much for music in a not-humongous room should I buy a 5 so that I have a dedicated speaker for music set up for me to bring the boom at my desk??  The big attraction was selecting what speakers will be used, and that's what I plan to do… I plan to spend around another 1200$ on more equipment but Ill have to chill or I will never hear the responses from you wonderful folks.

I want it all but… I also want to see my kids graduate high school 🤣

I really appreciate the guidance.


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Hi @TerryDactal 

Welcome to the community!

Here are my suggestions.

  • All options will provide music.
  • The Move2 can re-repurposed elsewhere and or grouped with the suggestions for music only. 
  • If Move 2 is grouped for TV audio there is 75ms delay to Move 2.

Your options for surround involving a TV are as follows (showing least expensive first)

  • Ray with Sub Mini and Era 100’s as surrounds *
  • Beam2 with Sub Mini and Era 100’s or Era 300’s as surrounds (Era 300’s complete Dolby Atmos/Spatial Audio experience for Movies and select music)
  • Arc with Full Size Sub and Era100’s or Era 300’s as surrounds (Era 300’s complete Dolby Atmos/Spatial Audio experience for Movies and select music)

Your options for great stereo sound with Sub Mini; or current Full Size Sub (showing least expensive first) are:

  • Era 100’s x 2 with Sub-mini
  • Era 300’s x 2 with Sub-mini
  • Five’s  x 2 with Sub-mini (This is the only speaker I would recommend as a single speaker for music)

 * Ray will only connect to a TV via optical cable. Arc and Beam2 can connect via optical and HDMI cable.