Is it possible building cinema sounds with in wall speakers ?

  • 26 November 2021
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Dear community, I have Sonos Playbar, Sonos subwoofer and 2 x Sonos one, the sound is brilliant but Playbar is hidden on the top of TV, subwoofer behind TV,  Sonos one speakers on stand at the back, I have no chance to hide them and I don't like it so I decided to sell it and made completely different setup but I am not sure of I am doing it right, my plan is to buy speakers which I can push into the wall and ceiling, it's quite expensive decision so I have to make sure it will be well spent money, first what exactly I do need to buy to make it work well should I keep Playbar and subwoofer ? Second I would like to get cinematic effect is it possible with in wall speakers ? Please advise, thank you, it will be set in room 5m X 3.5m ,TV is on one of the 3.5m wall if that helps and sofa opposite.


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I would like to thank you, I still don't understand what you said but I will get your advise anyway and will ask one of the Sonos recommended installers to organise it for me, very helpful ! Thank you !

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Didn’t mean to make it too complicated LOL. Hopefully, yuor installer can sort things out for you.

FYI, regarding surrounds you would not use both in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. You would use one or the other. 

The speakers you use front or rear can be your own personal brand or those by Sonos which are made by Sonance.

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What you ask is possible. If you want a total blended look for all speakers except the sub here’s what you can do…


  1. Sonos Amp (see it here) to power your choice of in-wall speakers (personal or Sonos In-wall by Sonance)
  2. Speakers are mounted no more than 30.5/cm to left and right of TV.
  3. Center point line of speakers should be mid-way the height of the TV measured horizontally.
  4. Speakers in this configuration generate a “phantom” center channel; unlike the “dedicated” center in the Playbar.
  5. Sonos Sub is bonded to this Amp (wirelessly) or you can use a 3rd party sub (requires cable)
  6. Line-in is active for this Amp
  7. Click here for speaker specs


  1. Sonos Amp to power your personal in-ceilig speakers (or Sonos In-ceilig by Sonance) directly over or slightly behind the left/right points of the seating area 
  2. Sonos Amp to power your personal in-wall speakers (or Sonos In-wall by Sonance) mounted at 78.7/cm to 91.4/cm above the floor (or 30.5/cm above the head of the tallest person when seated)
  3. Line-in and sub output are turned off for this Amp.


  1. Using Sonos in-wall or in-ceilig speakers allows the use of TruePlay via the Sonos App to tune the speakers to the environment (requires iOS device).
  2. See Sonos In-wall speakers by Sonance here
  3. See Sonos In-ceilig speakers by Sonance here
  4. You can keep the Playbar and repurpose it.