Invest in full Sonos installation vs. Sonos port + existing Bose lifestyle 38

  • 7 August 2020
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Dear community 

I bought a house with a Bose lifestyle 38 home theater (series 1) installed in the walls.
Besides that I own

  • another Bose lifestyle 18 (series 3)
  • 1 sonos Beam (2019)
  • 1 sonos Sub (2019)

I am wondering if I should invest in a sonos port to use the existing bose system home cinema with my other sonos products
Should I just install the bose system in my bedroom and buy extra sonos products to have my home theater system working downstairs. 

Which system would sound better? What would you do?

  • invest in an old system with the sonos port
  • invest in a new system with 2 extra sonos one sl

The price would be the same more or less, I think! 


Thank you


3 replies

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Hi @jv_belgium, welcome to the community! Appreciate the details and reaching out to the community about this. Sonos Port has a set of analog RCA inputs that allow you to connect devices like turntables or CD players. Simply connect the RCA cable from your external audio device to Port’s RCA inputs labeled IN. To learn more, check our article for using line-in on Sonos. Also, you can connect one end of the RCA cable to the Port’s RCA outputs labeled OUT and connect the other end to an RCA input on your amplifier or receiver. You can also connect one end of a digital coax cable to the Port’s output labeled DIGITAL OUT and connect the other end to a digital coax input on your amplifier or receiver. That’s how you use the Sonos Port and since the Bose speakers that you have been designated to work with TV same with the Sonos Beam, yes it would be best to install the Bose system in your bedroom and buy extra Sonos products to set up surrounds to your Sonos Beam or add it to other parts of the house. You can check our Sonos website for more information about products and promotions and let us know if you still have questions. Thanks! 

Hi @Krishma M 

Thanks for your response. 

I suppose that a beam + sub + one so + one so would sound better than the complete lifestyle 38 system? Or what are the big differences when we talk about sound quality?




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Hi @jv_belgium, thanks for your reply. Well, that kind of setup would be great as you would experience the 5.1 Surround sound (Dolby Digital) with Sonos. We can try and check with other users here if they have the same setup and share their thoughts and own experiences. Also, it will always be based on your preference and which setup would best fit your setup. If you want you can also reach out to our Sales team for more information about our products. Thanks for the interest. Always here to help.