Integrating Sonos with Home Theater

  • 2 October 2019
  • 1 reply

I currently have a bunch of Play1s all around the house along with a bridge (at least thats what i think it is). I am planning on investing in a Home Theater with an AV and 3.1 (L, R, C and Sub speakers) - This will be my main system hooked up with TV and video sources (through AV).

For whole house audio (Sonos is great at that), what is the bare minimum I need to do (which Sonos device do I need to integrate) so that I can distribute audio to my Play1s and the traditional bookshelf speakers in my home theater?

Ex: Play Spotify (let's say via Alexa or Google assistant) all around the house thru Play1s and my home theater speakers + sub. However, for regular TV, I will only use my Home Theater speakers and sub. Will the bridge suffice?

Thanks in advance!

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1 reply

No, the BRIDGE is a networking device, not an audio device. You should be looking at the Port.