Indoor/Outdoor Audio Set Up

  • 24 January 2019
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Hello Sonos Community,

I am new to Sonos and am looking forward to getting set up.

We are currently under renovation for our back yard and really need help designing a great outdoor audio set up.

Currently have:
5.1 Surround inside my home with a pair of speakers on the patio (Zone 2) and pair of speakers in the garage (Zone 2), both hooked up to independent volume controls.

Looking to get:
2 Televisions outside - 1 for Cabana and 1 for Bar
2 Sonos Beams - 1 for Cabana TV and 1 for Bar TV
Sonarray SR1 landscape speaker system with Sub (8 Satellites)
- Surrounding pool (4)
- Surrounding Yard (4)
- Sub in between the pool and yard
Sonos amps or Sonos connects?

What I am looking to achieve:
(1) Want to have my indoor set up configured with Sonos (looking to add a Sonos Connect for that)
-Will adding a Sonos Connect allow me to independently control two zones through the current 2 zone amp?
(2) Want to listen to outdoor TV's (each with their own Sonos Beam) with landscape speakers or watch TV and listen to music on the landscape speakers. Ability to pick which TV I want to listen to on Beam and which to listen to on landscape speakers.
- Will having a TV connected to a Sonos Beam via HDMI ARC make this possible to switch between what I want?
- Will there be a delay between TV's video and landscape audio?
(3) Will house an Amp outside in the Cabana where everything for outdoors will terminate.
- What type of amp would you get for this outdoor config? Non-Sonos amp attached to a Sonos Connect?
- Should I have everything terminate indoors?
* Will a 100ft run cause any issues with sound?

I have been putting a ton of thought into this as it is a place we will enjoy with our family and I really want it to be easy to use for myself and my wife. I am not the best at understanding configurations of systems to get this all working the way I want and guess I am a little gun shy as I have been burned multiple different times by local audio/visual companies (Control4) that cost my a few thousand dollars and never worked the way it was promised.

If you have any ideas about this set up and which equipment I would need to make this possible, I would greatly appreciate it!

Thank you!

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