In effect Sonos have end of lifed my 4 week old Move

  • 23 January 2020
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I recently bought a Move to use with an existing Sonos setup

The existing units have all just been End of Lifed by Sonos

I therefore can’t use my brand new Move as i planned - i either have to use it as a stand alone unit (not as designed / sold), i have to replace all of my other units (about A$4k - not happening) or i have to accept that i can never update the software on my Move (i.e. it has been End of Lifed)


thanks Sonos !

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1 reply

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So it gets better

When i bought the move (in late December) i traded up one of my old ZP’s - thinking i could replace it with the move in the same group of sono’s.

Now i can’t use them together, and whilst i can return the move Sono’s won’t unrecycle my old ZP 


Any lawyers on here ? - got to be a case of fraud / misrepresentation here somewhere !!!