How to start with Sonos

  • 11 February 2019
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I´m new to installing a Wifi Sound system at Home. I've got one preamplified turntable with an RCA output plug. I want to know which Sonos product should I buy in order to get the music from the turntable connected to a speaker and be able to make it sound through additional wifi connected speakers around my house
As I'm new I investigated the webpage and thought that the correct product would be a Connect or a Connect Amp but wasn't sure so I went to a Best Buy store and the sales guy told me they wouldn´t work for what I needed and he told me I should buy a Marshall speaker (but I really didn't like them and I've heard great things about Sonos).
Then I asked a friend that uses Sonos and he told me I should buy a Play5 and honestly I now don't know whats best.

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4 replies

Your investigation and your friend are both correct. The Best Buy sales guy doesn't know what he's talking about, :)

The Connect, Connect:amp (no longer sold by Sonos), the Sonos Amp, and the Play:5 all have aux input connections that will take in your turntable audio and be able to share it with the other speakers in the Sonos system you'll have in your hone. The best one to get really depends on your other needs. If you want to also use a 3rd party amp to power some speakers, then get the amp. If you have some existing passive speakers (bookshelf, ceiling, outdoor) that you want to use, then get the Amp. If you like and want to use a Play:5 as a speaker, than get the Play:5.
You can connect your turntable to the Sonos ecosystem using any of the following:

Sonos Connect
Sonos Connect:Amp (replaced with new Amp)
Sonos Amp
Sonos Play 5 speaker

My personal suggestion is to go for the Play:5 as it gives you a great speaker in with the price, but it depends if you have any other plans in mind, such as playing your music to/from other third party speakers/receivers that you already own etc. or if your aim is to mainly just use Sonos Speakers about the place.

If all you have is the turntable and no receiver, or speakers, already, then I would definitely start with the Play: 5.
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I know this was a month ago, but I have recently hooked up a turntable in my house. I have multiple Sonos speakers throughout my house (Beam/Sub in Living Room, One in the Kitchen, One in the Bedroom) and then I got the Play 5 for the turntable int he Music Room. Sounds wonderful. I group it with the other speakers to hear it in all rooms. if you are getting into Sonos for your whole house and committing to those speakers, then the Play 5 is the way to go!
Thanks, I'm already into Sonos. I have 2 Play 5 and 1 Sonos One!