How to connect a Connect.

  • 29 November 2016
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Hi, Long time lurker first time poster.
I have an old LG tv/dvd player - DAT-200 currently being used to play vinyl through an Audio-technica AT-LP60.
I would like to be able to play vinyl and still use my hi-fi speakers and stream to other rooms in the house.
Please can you advise how I would add a Connect to this system and how it would work, it has two line ins, one line out and an optical in.
I have looked at other posts but am still not sure how this will work, thanks in advance.

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3 replies

A CONNECT could be wired to the DAT200, such that Sonos could play through it, and anything the DAT200 plays (e.g. vinyl) goes back into the Sonos system for listening in other rooms.
For this you'd simply:
- wire the CONNECT's analog outputs to the AV2 inputs
- wire the audio OUT jacks to the CONNECT's Line-In.

A key question though is whether you'd want to play vinyl from the DAT200's speakers at the same time as through the Sonos system. Sonos inserts a small, but obvious, network delay. In two adjacent rooms this would cause an unpleasant echo.

If this is the case, the arrangement has to be a bit more involved:
- unplug the turntable from AV1 and plug it into the CONNECT's Line-In
- wire the CONNECT's analog outputs to the AV1 (or AV2) inputs
- configure the CONNECT for 'Line-In Autoplay' so that it automatically streams the turntable through to the DAT200 whenever it detects a signal

Leave the AT-LP60 set to 'LINE'.
Deleted... @ratty's simultaneous post covers fully (and better!)
That's great Ratty, many thanks.