how to build sonos surround system with Play 1

  • 15 June 2020
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Hello there,

I have a Play 1 speaker that I use for music, and a Vizio soundbar for playing movies on my TV.  But, I don’t like the sound of the Vizio anymore.  I’m thinking of two options:

a.) Just get the Arc and move the Play 1 to another room

b.) get another Play 1 + the Beam so I have two rear speakers




5 replies

Depends on the size of the TV and the room. In the grand scheme of things, I’d go with the Arc and another PLAY:1, if you can find one, and set up the pair as surrounds. You can’t use a Sonos One and a PLAY:1 as a pair for surrounds. 

Thanks.  TV is 55”, and it cannot handle Dolby Atmos.  Room isn’t huge, just a typical apartment living room.  Didn’t realize that the Play:1 is discontinued, replaced by the Sonos One.  

Then a Beam with a pair of Sonos Ones would be great, you can use the PLAY:1 in another room.

Thanks. The two Ones and a Beam costs as much as an Arc. So which is the best option money wise?

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Your apartment is not very large and you do not use Atmos. I’d go for a Beam with surrounds. I’d enjoy the surround effects more than the possibly slightly better sound of an Arc, that you will not use to it’s full capability.