how do I increase the sound quality on my 5.1

  • 3 September 2019
  • 2 replies

I recently purchased a playbase+Sub+ X2 1s as rear L+R seems fine for movies but I’m starting to regret not buying the Play 5s as the rear speakers to give better music sound quality.
I stream music from apple+Spotify. Could anyone advise if adding the play 5s to the surround would make a noticeable difference? I have a medium sized room and don’t play the music loud very often but I like clarity of acoustic music. Or would anything else in the Sonos range increase the quality?

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2 replies

I have it set on full....would two play:5 make such a difference to the sound quality?
I have read lots of reports that 1s are better as surround speakers at low volumes and 5s are better above 50% volume. Is this what everybody else finds?
Also do you think ....playbase+Sub+ Play:5s would be too much in a medium room....would it be a waist of speaker power?
I've always considered the PLAY:5 as overkill for use as surrounds.

But then again, you're talking about for music. The one thing I'd ask you to check is in the surround settings. Do you have it set as ambient, or full, for the music setting? You can adjust the volume of the rears while playing music in that same area of the settings, as well.