How do I add my TV to my already existent Sonos system?

  • 3 September 2019
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I have a restaurant/bar with ceiling Sonos speakers throughout. They are all connected to a Sonos Connect in a media room. I would like to be able to play a tv over the Sonos system for football games. How do I add my TV to the Sonos system? I cannot directly connect the TV to the Sonos Connect because the tv is in a separate room. I know I could purchase a Play bar and connect directly to the TV, but I already have an excessive number of ceiling speakers and don’t need any extra sound. Any suggestions are much appreciated!

2 replies

Those are the two options. Either an analog line in, on the CONNECT, CONNECT:AMP, Sonos Amp, or PLAY:5, with the additional delay that's built in to such a process, or a Sonos soundbar, with a digital input. And then you'd still have the delay with any "rooms" that you "grouped" with the soundbar's "room".
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If you're using a Connect, then you also have a separate non-Sonos amp(s) as well, correct? Does that amp have an input? If so, that's what I'd use. Ideally, you should have a long shielded RCA cable connecting the TV to the amp (through the ceiling), but if that's not possible, you could look for a wireless solution. As @Airgetlam stated, you could use Sonos if the delay is acceptable. Bluetooth receiver/transciever setup might have trouble through walls. Not sure if there's a better way.