Hospital Operating Rooms

  • 6 June 2019
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I am attempting to install 7 devices in 7 different Hospital operating rooms. Must be able to play seven different streams at once. What does the community suggest, can this be done? What equipment should I use? I am new to sonos systems so please don't rag on me. I will be following your suggestions.

1 reply

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7 sonos units - one in each room. I would probably get a Sonos Play:5 for each room. They will all 7 then show in application and can be played each independent.

I guess my biggest fear here is anyone using Sonos will have access to all 7 rooms (not like you can have only the one room show up when your in that room).

What if someone in one operating room wants to turn on music and doesn't may attention and plays music to operating room down the hall at full blast when someone is in the middle of surgery.