home theater room- what to get

  • 18 August 2019
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I’m sure this has been asked and answered, but I couldn’t find a post. I apologize in advance for asking this if it’s been best to death :)

im new to Sonos
I’m attempting to put a Sonos system in my media room.
i need a center channel, 2 front wall speakers and 2 rear wall speakers- and a subwoofer.

i can easily accommodate wired speakers and subwoofer.

what the heck do I need to buy?


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2 replies

Yes, it has been beaten to death. On the other hand, given the extraordinarily poor search function provided by the maker of this forum software, I'm not surprised you couldn't find it. :)

The short answer is, most unfortunately, you can't.

Sonos does not currently provide any method to have three separate front speakers.

Now, having said that, let's get to the nitty-gritty. Sonos has soundbars that have the three front speakers built in to them. Also, Sonos provides a device called the Sonos Amp which allows you to set up a front left and a front right speaker of your own choice, and those two create a "phantom" center channel.

All of those options allow you to bond a pair of Sonos speakers as surrounds. And a single SUB can be added as well.

Will this change in the future? None of us have any idea. I'm pretty sure we've all advocated for it, in different threads, over the last many years. But Sonos doesn't share their roadmap with us, except in extreme circumstances (usually around cooperation with other companies). That seems to be relatively smart, since that avoids the "is it done yet" and "why are you late with this" feedback when things take longer than originally planned. But at the end of the day, we just don't know if they intend to allow this or not.

My personal perspective is that Sonos is more interested in the mass market than they are in the specialist home theater market, so I consider this to be lower than average on their priority for development list. But I'd love to be wrong on it, too, since I want a similar set up. In the meantime, I've got two 5.1 setups of a PLAYBAR, SUB, and two PLAY:1s as surround speakers. And frankly, they're great.
Exactly what I needed to know- thanks!