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  • 3 December 2019
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I will be renovating my house shortly and really need some advice for my audio setup. I am going crazy trying to figure out the best way. After the renovation we are going to have an open floor plan that for our family room and kitchen that will extend 45 ft from wall to wall. I currently own a Beam and was planning on purchasing 2 Sonos One and the subwoofer to create surround sound in the family room. My issue is that the kitchen will be so far away that at times I would like the audio from the TV to play in the kitchen as well. I thought i could purchase an additional Sonos One and place that in the kitchen, but read that i would have to create a separate zone for that speaker and it could cause an echo being in the same room. I want to be able to have the ability to play the TV audio on all speakers or be able to play the TV audio in the family room and play music on the kitchen speaker(s). I have contemplated maybe wired speakers in the kitchen ceiling, but not sure of all the equipment i would need and if this could be accomplished. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 




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6 replies

Sonos will always be able to play music sources in sync across all rooms.  If that’s the feature you were looking for, then not a problem.  The echo effect you’re referring to is going to occur for TV audio sources.  The Beam (and bonded sub and surrounds) need to play TV audio immediately in order to stay in line with video, while other rooms will be slightly delayed as normal for proper buffering.


What you might want to consider, depending on the layout of your open space, is to place the 2 surround speakers in the kitchen, if the kitchen is behind the family room sitting area (from the perspective of the TV) as opposed to off to the side.  This is what I do.  The surround settings can be adjusted to be set that far back, and set to play full stereo for music sources.


Two other general comments...the Beam is designed for small/medium size rooms.  You might want to consider getting a playbar or playbase to better fit the room size.  Or maybe just keep that in mind and look out for Sonos to possibly release new versions of these, since the two products are older than the Beam.  The other is that, bonded with the Beam as surrounds, the microphones on the Sonos Ones are turned off.  You could save some money by getting Sonos One SLs (no microphones) and save a little money.



thanks for the response. I thought about having the speakers further back towards the kitchen. Just wasn’t sure what the recommended distance should be. 

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Hi skhv77

To bring TV audio to a Sonos speaker in the Kitchen you would set it as a separate room and then “Group” it to the Beam.

Regarding the echo effect. It may not be as bothersome as you might expect. Without seeing a diagram of your floor plan the distance between the TV and the Kitchen speaker may be far enough apart that audio may not overlap. The lip sync (70ms delay) may be a non-issue assuming you can’t view the screen from the kitchen.

Speaker Choices: All can be grouped to Beam and/or be directed to play music independent of the Beam.

Sonos One or Sonos One SL (the difference is that the latter does not have voice assistance or microphones and is less expensive).

Sonos Move: Portable, works on charging ring or enclosed battery, can be used on or off home Wi-Fi, Bluetooth enabled, Weather resistant (* Grouping requires it to be on home Wi-Fi).

Sonance In-Ceiling Architectural Speakers: Requires the purchase of a Sonos Amp ($599_USD). Using these may not be the best option as they are permanent once installed. Therefore you would be advised to purchase and test before enclosing them in the ceiling. 

Feel free to post back with further questions.  Cheers!


I have included the architectural drawing below. I’m not as worried about the lip sync as much as just hearing the TV from the kitchen. 





Wow, that’s a huge space.  I don’t think placing the surrounds in the kitchen is that great if an idea after all.  Sorry, I was picturing it differently in my mind.


If this were my space, I would set it up as two separate rooms.  The family as you originally planned.  For the kitchen, I would getting a Sonos amp and have 2 or 4 speakers in the ceilings.  Ceiling speakers make sense in a kitchen since counter space is usually limited and there isn’t a target seating area.    I’d actually put a TV in the kitchen itself, on the wall with no cabinets maybe.  You could set it up so that the family room TV and kitchen TV play in sync if you want them to.  If you did that, then you could have both rooms play TV audio and have a near TV to view.  You wouldn’t use Sonos grouping as the HDMI cable between the two TVS takes care of keeping things in sync.  Use Sonos groups to sync music playback.  And you can play different audio in the rooms if you wish.

I do something similar between my family room TV and a TV in the backyard.  It’s not in perfect sync as there might be a very slight echo, but not anything I find bothersome.  My situation is a little different since you can’t hear both spaces at the same time unless a door is open.

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I agree with @melvimbe...that is a huge space. Four in-ceiling speakers in the kitchen would be great using a Sonos Amp. I’d set the Amp to out-put mono to all 4 speakers for a consistent sound regardless of one’s position in the room.

Also, I might consider opting for a Playbar in the family room given it’s size and using the Beam in a bedroom.  It’s a more robust speaker than the Beam although lacking in technology (i.e. no native airplay, HDMI and voice assist).  The Sonos One’s used as surrounds would still give you Alexa or Google voice control but still no AirPlay 2 as it’s muted in a surround setup.  Kind’a six in one hand and half a dozen in the other :thinking:

If AirPlay is important the good news is it’s supported by the Sonos Amp. By grouping the Playbar to the Sonos Amp...Airplay audio is streamed it.