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  • 23 February 2018
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I have an outdoor theater that I host movie nights at. Previously I used the JBL Flip 4's, and used their party mode to link them all together. This didn't work for me because A. The range was limited, as they did not daisy-chain, they all needed to be within range of the master speaker, so 30' away they started skipping. and B. When in party mode, they have a buffer or something that causes the audio to be slightly delayed. Not noticeable with music, but very noticeable with video. So, I am looking at other options. My first consideration was to have the source hook up to an FM transmitter and have people bring radios etc. My concerns with this is mainly just sound quality. One of the units I was looking at on Amazon for about $100 said it had a noticeable "hum" on to it. My other consideration is WiFi speakers, and since Sonos is the big dog in that department, here I am. I Would prefer a battery powered wifi speaker, but I have been unable to find one (made by sonos), so I am here to see what you guys suggest to get the sound out there. And by "out there", here is my layout(ish). Now don't drool all over my pretty drawing now! Also, pay closer attention to the distance I marked than the proportions if need be. Also, I have full WiFi coverage everywhere, so that won't be a problem.

Thanks for the help!

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I would probably put a Play:5 at the Projector (hooked to analog outputs of source). More costly (but more appropriate) would be a Playbar - it has toslink optical input that must be fed Dolby Digital 5.1.

Then another Play speaker at each of the other locations. Play:1 up to Play:5 depending on how much sound you really want. 2 Play:1s at each location would probably work well (they are cheap buying in pairs and that gives you nice stereo at each location).

Your going to want one Sonos speaker or device hooked to your home router via ethernet cable (so your using Sonosnet and they communicate then with each other as you want not back to router). Are any near where you can plug into router (or within about 30ft. of router where you could hook a Sonos bridge or boost to the router).

Being your outside and use Sonosnet I wouldn't think you would have any range issues and would get pretty solid performance.

There is a 70ms delay for Sonos .... but I wouldn't think it would be noticable at all in this setting. I don't notice even at home (some who are overly sensitive to lip sync have stated otherwise rarely).