Have Playbar, adding two play 1's for surround sound- do I NEED sub?

I currently have a playbar set up with optical audio cable providing all audio from my 65" LED tv. I have just ordered two play 1's to complement my home theater experience for surround sound....they have yet to arrive.

My question is: do I NEED the sub? We have a moderately sized living room and live in a townhouse with neighbors on both sides. Will the play 1's significantly enhance my viewing experience vs the playbar on its own? Would I have been better off getting the sub as opposed to the play 1's for the best A/V experience? OR should I be really stepping up and buying the pricey SUB to complete the package?

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You don't necessarily NEED a Sub, but it does add an impact which is not possible with just a 5.0 setup. There is a reason the .1 channel of 5.1 is set apart from the other 5. The sub bass is the only frequency in a 5.1 system which cannot be replicated by any of the other speakers; they simply cannot get that low.
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I think the sub improves enjoyment more than having Play:1 surrounds. The playbar does a pretty good job with simulated surround but can't compare to adding a Sonos sub (which actually is a great sub and adds to any Sonos speaker). Great thing is you can have the sub setup as your 3.1 with playbar and if want can move it over and pair with a different speaker if you have occasion to need for music in another room etc.
It's a personal thing. I lived without the sub quite happily for a long time. Then, once I bought the sub, I was even more happy. But I didn't miss it while I didn't have it.

But eventually, I'd certainly recommend the sub 🙂
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I ordered the Playbar when I got my large screen TV and was a bit underwhelmed I must admit. Clarity and overall room sound was impressive, but something missing. Guess it was something to do with the fact that my previous sound bar had a sub (Boston acoustics BTW, absolute crap). Anyway within a few days I'd ordered the Sonos sub and two rear Play 1s. Never looked back. Fabulous! Earth shattering bass at times and no speaker distortion whatever.


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