Have a CONNECT: I need a CONNECT as well?

  • 12 March 2018
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Trying to integrate an old analog system

Best answer by Legnum Nick 12 March 2018, 15:24

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4 replies

OK - we own Two (2) Play 3's and a Connect:AMP. We have an existing Bose surround system and an old SONY receiver. I just got a new Record Player. Trying to figure out the best way to integrate these items...if possible, or what we need to purchase to accomplish the goal. My knowledge is quite limited. Our desire: to be able to play all of the speakers (including the old Bose) through do we accomplish this? But we would also like to still be able to use the Bose system and the receiver through our TV (for movies). We could use the RCA connection for the Record Player to the Connect:AMP. All fine and good. But then nothing goes to the Receiver. We would directly wire the Bose Speakers to the Connect:AMP, but then we cannot use them for movie playback through the receiver. What are some suggestions moving forward? What do we add? What do we take away? Do we need to purchase a CONNECT to make this work? Confused and compounding it the more I read....thanks so much all!!!
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I have a similar setup and I use a Connect wire to a tape loop on the receiver. I use the receiver for films direct to my speakers, I also have other hifi components and a PC wires to the receiver. So my tape out is wires to the Connect line in, the Connect line out is wires to the tape line in. If I select Tape on my receiver I listen to whatever Sonos is streaming, or I can select TV, or PC etc on the amp to listen to that. I can also go into the Sonos app and stream from the line in on the Connect, so I can listen to stuff from the TV or PC or other hifi component on any other zone.
Thanks Legnum Nick. For us I believe this means we do have to get a CONNECT. As it has an analog audio out, the Connect Amp only has a line in...nothing out. I 'think' that is the rub...or my problem. Unless someone else has a work around?
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I should have said above that I am assuming that your Bose surround system is speakers and the Sony is driving them?