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  • 16 May 2017
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Hi all, I am getting a garden office about 4m x 3m and looking for help deciding on the best Sonos to get. Wifi is available.

Currently I have two play 1s in a small lounge, two play 1s in the kitchen as surround speakers with playbar and sub connected to the tv. I could take the play 1s from the lounge and replace with play3 or even play5 or just get something new for the garden office.

Any thoughts/recommendations on best way to go would be great ?

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4 replies

A play 1 pair would serve just as well. Or if you must upgrade, a 5 pair in one of the two locations; there is little point in the 3, they don't conform to the Goldilocks expectation.
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Thank you can you clarify the play 3 comment ?
Between what the 1 and 5 can do, there is little place for a 3 now. Choose either the 1 or the 5, based on space and budgets. What I meant was that there isn't a "the 3 is just right instead of the 1 being too small and the 5 being too large" kind of thing.
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Thank you