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Hello, I tried searching for this but had a little trouble so I hope I'm not repeating a topic.

My wonderful wife bought me a Beam for Christmas after a few years of subtle hints. In the same room as the Beam, I have an Amazon Echo. I'm looking to expand the system for surround (and get the sub in the future) and my question is: should I purchase two Play: 1 or two Sonos Ones? I do have Dots spread throughout the house.

My thinking is to get Play: 1 due to already having the Echo/Dots.

Thanks for the advice!

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Hi madoar

If you are planning to use the Play 1's or Sonos One's as surrounds with the Beam then definitely go with the Play 1's. Alexa voice assistant in the Sonos One's is turned off when used with a Beam as surrounds.

If you intend to leave the Echo in the same room as the Beam I suugest you change the Wake word on the Echo.

madoar wrote:

My thinking is to get Play: 1 due to already having the Echo/Dots.

Your idea is sound if you don't intend to use the Sonos One's or Play 1's as surrounds.

Thank you for the input. Looks I'll go with the Play 1 setup! Take care!
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Enjoy your Sonos!!

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