Existing speakers

  • 19 December 2016
  • 1 reply

I have already purchased 3 x Play1, 1 x sound bar and 3 x Play3 for downstairs and they are working fine. I have existing speakers ( 6 ) already mounted in the ceilings in the various bedrooms and the wires all go back to one point, next to my router. Do I just need either a connect amp or a Connect to send audio to all these 6 speakers and will I be able to play different music in each room as I can using the Play1, Play3 etc? I ask because there seems to be very few connectors on the back of either the Connect or Connect amp. Am I missing something? Many thanks for your help.

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1 reply

Each Connect/Connect:Amp is a single source. To play different sources in each room, you would need either a Connect:Amp for each room, or a Connect for each room with a multi-channel amplifier.