Existing bluetooth / cabled speakers

I have a facility that already has ceiling speakers that can be connected over bluetooth or by a 3.5mm input. At present I use the headphone output from a Play:5 (Gen1) to drive them and it works well. It seems a waste of the Play:5 as I can use that elsewhere so I’d like to replace it. Would I need a Connect or a Connect:Amp? The reason for my confusion is that the speakers are mains powered and the Play:5 won’t drive them unless the power is on, even though I imagined that the power is for the bluetooth, which I don’t use.

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If you have them now connected through the Play 5, it means they are active speakers, so they will only work with the power on, exactly as you say. In this case you need the Sonos Connect to use them, no Connect Amp as this expects passive speakers.
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As Eddie - if they are producing volume from a 3.5mm source then they must have amplification somewhere - the power would need to be on for the speakers and you would need a Connect, not a Connect Amp.
Thank you both for your quick replies. I’ve got the option to pick up an old ZP90 cheap. I guess that will do the job just as well?
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Just a quick question....are you wanting to send music to the Play 5 and the ceiling speakers from a PC and/or iOS/Android device simultaneously (i.e. via grouping)?

No, just to the ceiling speakers. The Play:5 is purely a conduit to do so. In other words, I select the Play:5 as a zone and the music plays from the ceiling speakers.
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ZP90 is indeed the Connect you need for playing your speakers. You may need some special cable to connect them, depending on what comes out of your speakers (like mini jack, rca connector, female or male).
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An RCA stereo male to 3.5 mm stereo female cable should get you working.
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Yep, think so too Stanley if there is a single mini-jack male coming out of the speakers.
Actually it’s a wall-mounted female jack but that’s no problem; I’ve got the cable with an adapter.
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Let me see if I understand you correctly...

1. The ceiling speakers are self powered
2. The ceiling speakers can accept a BT connection from a Phone, PC or Tablet
3. You don't want to group them with your Play 5 to have the same audio play in sync
4. You don't want to necessarily control them via the Sonos App

If all the above is true you don't need a Connect (ZP90). Just play music to the ceiling speakers via BT from a compatible device.

Please clarify as to what I'm missing or what you really want to accomplish :?

1. Correct
2. Correct
3. Correct
4. Incorrect. I DO want to control them from the Sonos app as part of my integrated multiroom system. It works well through the Play:5. If I replace the Play:5 with a Connect then I can use the Play:5 elsewhere as an additional zone. It will be the perfect solution for me.