Eliminating My AVR, Which Sonos Products To Get?

  • 9 December 2018
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I'm looking to get rid of my Denon AVR to simplify my setup. I already own several Sonos 1 and Sonos 3 speakers throughout my house. In addition, I have an old Sonos Connect Z90 which I use to run music to my backyard speakers.

If I get rid of my Denon AVR, I will need to replace my Sonos Connect Z90 because it does not have any wired speaker inputs. Should I be looking at buying the Sonos AMP:Connect or the new Sonos AMP? I'm also looking at getting one of the surround bars and connecting it to my TV using optical cable. My TV receives an HDMI signal from my cable provider's cable box.

So my initial thinking was this:

1. Purchase Sonos Amp:Connect to connect outdoor speakers
2. Purchase Sonos Playbar and connect to my TV using optical audio cable
3. Connect my Cable Provider's Box to TV using HDMI

I'm assuming the above would work and would allow me to later add Sonos 1 speakers for the rear channels? I'm also wondering if it's worth getting the new Sonos AMP instead of the Sonos Amp:Connect for any reason? What would I lose if I didn't get the new Sonos Amp?


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