Do I need Boost

  • 24 September 2019
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I have a Boost that I needed when I first started buying Sonos speakers. Initially it worked great.

At some point I started having network issued and I unplugged the Boost and everything started working again.

Since then I have tried a couple of times to reconnect Boost to the network and things started going crazy again and so the Boost has been in a box in the basement for a couple of years.

My Soundbar at the TV is wired into my wireless router. Multiple Sonos speakers of all sorts are located in 4 rooms at the moment everything is working fine.

I'm considering AMP to run my outdoor Bose speakers now.

Is there any advantage or reason to try to get the Boost working in this mix again?

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3 replies

If everything is working fine, then no, there's no point to adding the BOOST.
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Just checking Boost or Bridge? Very different devices! If it is a Bridge I'd scrap it.

With your Soundbar wired you are in Boost mode already, no Boost device needed.

If it is a Boost and you want to use it try hooking another Sonos device to your Ethernet and see if you have issues with that. If so it is likely something related to STP (Spanning Tree Protocol) and you might search here for solutions that worked for other folks.
Six months ago or so, I was having real problems with having to reconnect to my Sonos system each time I turned it on. First such problems in five years of ownership. After three phone calls to customer support, the decision was made to remove the free Sonos Bridge from the system..... problem solved.