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  • 14 September 2019
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I have 3 systems. I spent money ($1400) I shouldnt have on them. Every 2 weeks it takes over 2 hours of work to get them back up. I get an update screen with no settings options. I've had them between 4-11 months and the sound is amazing but the system is absolutely terrible. I spent my extra earning on these and I feel fooled. Don't buy sonos. Their sound is really amazing but can you use it all the time? I ts not sinole blue tooth it's on a network. Solid 3 out of 5. 3 being the sound quality.

Ps. My system has been down for days and nothing works.

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3 replies

Why did you set them up as three systems? The Sonos is designed to be a single system, with multiple “rooms”, each containing speakers.

Generally, trouble with them connecting has to do with wifi interference, although in more rare cases, it can be an issue with duplicate IP addresses, which can be fixed by unplugging the Sonos devices, rebooting the router, then plugging the Sonos devices back in.

It is also important to recognize that Sonos connects to a 2.4 GHz network, so if the router is only using a 5Ghz network, the Sonos won’t connect.

If you’re continuing to have issues, please provide the community more details, and we will do what we can to assist you.
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If you are seeing issues with updates assigning static/reserved IP addresses from your router's DHCP page may help.

Having them set up as three systems has to be frustrating, you'd likely be less frustrated with them all set up under one system.
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Re "update screen with no settings options" are you on Android? Other threads indicate there can be some hidden buttons on this screen, try panning or sliding up/down to get to them.