Contractor put all speaker wiring in one place

  • 13 October 2018
  • 1 reply

My contractor during a renovation put 4 rooms of speaker wiring in one place. Can I attach speaker wires to 4-Connect Amps at a central location and control all zones from my smart phone assuming all are on the same WiFi network? Since an Ethernet connection is available from router, should all Connect Amps use it for better performance? Will my phone two rooms away from router and Connect Amp be able to control all zones.? Do I need a Sonos Bridge? One of the zones is living room and I wonder what is needed for 3.1 surround sound for movies?

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1 reply

Yes, yes ( or it wouldn’t hurt, if you can), yes, no, and one of Sonos’ soundbars. (The Beam, PLAYBASE or PLAYBAR) and a SUB.