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  • 23 June 2020
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Hi I am planning to make a  Surround sound Computer Room the question I have is what Sono's product can I connect to my PC So I can use that as the wireless Connective bridge To play on my Sono's play one I will be getting more products in the future but I would like your opinion  For example when I want to watch not flex or YouTube on my computer it will go to all my so not's devices And make a real 3-D Surround sound set up thank you for your time 

2 replies

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What outputs does the computer have, and what audio formats does it support? 

Beam and Arc are the current home theatre options from Sonos. You can then add Sub and surround speakers too. You could try to pick up a pre-owned Play:1 to pair with your existing one, or go for two One SL’s. 

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Note that there will need to be some type of cable from computer to Sonos - HDMI for example. I’m not aware of a way to wirelessly send Atmos or DD signals to Sonos products.