Connecting a Bose Lifestyle 48 DVD Entertainment System to a Sonos Setup

  • 10 July 2020
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Hi everyone!

I really love the Sonos line of products and would love to invest in a few speakers for my house but I already have a pretty expensive Bose Lifestyle 48 Home Theater System in the living room and a Bose Acoustic Wave Music System II in one of my bedrooms and would love to integrate them with the Sonos system. My final plan is to get Sonos Ones or Fives in the other bedrooms and have them all working in sync. I really love the ease of use and multiroom playback technology Sonos uses and would love to hear any setup suggestions the community might have, thank you!



1 reply

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Hi @adith27.

Welcome to the Sonos community and thanks for reaching out to us about your concern.

I would recommend reaching out to our sales team for a more thorough discussion on whats on sales, what functionalities you can take advantage, and what to options you have to get the most out of the products on sale. I would also suggest reaching out to other members of the community which may have thesame idea or possible set up as what you have.

Lets try reaching out to other members of the community to seek their advise and feedback on this set up. Here in the community, we are always ready to help out.