• 14 June 2020
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I have 2 Sonos connect wireless receivers that I use right now to connect all my speakers in the ceiling. But I am moving to a new house that only needs 1 receiver because there are only 4 speakers in the ceiling. I was wondering if I can use the other receiver I already own to connect to a Sonos move or one etc. or can those type of speakers (Sonos Move etc) just connect to the 1 Sonos that’s connected to play what’s coming out of the ceilings.  If it does can I control the volumes from my phone still? 

2 replies

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hi, I read your question a few times, and I think you're asking if you need/can connect your soon to be spare connect device to another sonos speaker?


If so, it doesn't work like that, each sonos speaker sits on the sonos ‘wireless network’ and is a speaker and receiver in one, so you dont need a connect to send a signal to a different sonos speaker. 



I am as puzzled as @rorton  I'm afraid.  For a start, I am wondering if your devices are Connect:Amps not Connects?