Connect or Connect Amp??

Hi- I am a new sonos user. I must say we love it!! We have the play 3 inside our house and the bridge located in our office. I want to add outdoor speakers as well as hook up a set of speakers that we have in our basement. After researching, my thought was to purchase the connect. Not really sure if I need the connect or the connect amp-so that would be my first question-1. Which connect box do i need? 2. Can I hook up 2 outdoor speakers and 2 indoor speakers to the same connect box? Anyhelp you can give us would be great!! Also, any outdoor speaker recommendations would also be helpful. We want to attached to the underside of our deck. p.s. we live in Minnesota (cold and snow) THANKS!!!

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The Connect is for speakers that are already powered, either by themselves, or by an existing amp/receiver. The Connect:Amp is for unpowered, or passive, speakers. More than likely, you have passive speakers and require the Connect:Amp. The Connect:Amp can power up to 2 pairs of speakers. However, there are some restrictions: Both sets of speakers must be 8 Ohms impedance, and both pairs will always play the same source at the same power level. If you wish to have 2 different sources on each pair, or 2 different volume controls, you would need 2 Connect:Amps. See the following for more detail on attaching 2 pairs of speakers to the Connect:Amp:
Hi Anne, For passive speakers (most speakers are passive) I recommend the Connect:AMP. As for what kind of speakers and how many you can attach, the answer is a little technical but I'll try to be informative: * If you connect 2 speakers, the product model you choose should be specified at an impedance of 4-16 Ohms. * It is also possible to attach up to 4 speakers per Connect:AMP. This is known as a parallel configuration and requires that your choice of speaker has an impedance of 8-16 Ohms.
I'm in a similar situation.  rebuilding a new house.  Was looking at installed ceiling flush speakers but now thinking of just these portable sonos ones.  If i'm starting from scratch would you recommend connect or connect:amp taking into consideration maybe connecting an old system (or part of an old system) to it?  Not really decided yet.  And I am definitely looking for exterior weather proof speakers (most probably will be ceiling mounted) for an open corridor.  Any brand recommendations?  And would this definitely require connect:amp?  Thanks in advance!


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