Connect for library of MP3s on computer, with good receiver and speakers?

  • 14 March 2017
  • 4 replies

I have a very good old Pioneer receiver/amplifier and good wired speakers. I want to play thousands of opera, classical, and jazz MP3s from my computer or from a flash drive. I do not stream anything at all. Is a Connect the right device? How do I select what to play? From an app on my phone?

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4 replies

Yes, the Connect is the answer. It will access the music via WiFi from your computer and send the music on to the Pioneer via a wired connection. You will ask it do so via the app on your phone.

Over time, you may want to also invest in a wired to the router NAS, that can store all the music, so that the computer need not be on for music play. And the wired connection may be better for stable music streaming.

It may also be the case - not easy to say that just now - that stable music play needs the Connect to be wired to the router as well. Or, if that isn't convenient, a Boost/Bridge, which will then communicate wirelessly with Connect using a dedicated to Sonos WiFi layer.
I have a spare Windows 7 computer that could serve as storage for all the music and get wired to the Sonos Connect (or to the router) - Am I approaching a happy solution?
Yes, that should work. Although the kind of NAS that is needed also won't cost more than approx USD 100, and will be a lot more compact/discreet, going into sleep mode when not at work and waking on demand. How well the spare computer will do that depends on what it can do and how/whether it can be set up to do so.
More thoughts: if the only use of the Pioneer is for music play via the two wired speakers, be sure it has enough of service life left, or you have access to service/parts for it. Because for just a little more money than a Connect, Sonos offers Connect Amp that has a built in amp as well, that will connect directly to your speakers and work just as well as the Pioneer if the power output of the Pioneer is in the region of 50-70 RMS watts per channel, or lower.
Thanks Kumar! The Pioneer also connects to a CD changer and is available for the TV, although we don't use it for that. I'll consider a dedicated NAS at $100 - the old desktop would be bulky in a tight space. I think I am on track to finally being able to hear all of my old opera recordings - happy old man!