Connect Amp and Play 1 Stereo Pair

  • 24 August 2020
  • 2 replies

Hi there, 

I’m trying to logistically figure out what products I need to get my home set up. I have in home audio in 5 zones that is not connected to any amp and am going to start the process of getting connect amps set up in some of the rooms. The only Sonos product I currently have are play 1’s from 2015. I can’t afford to get connect amps for all zones at once so would like to get a couple amps and then use my play 1’s in a 3rd zone. Can I play the same music in multiple zones with this setup without having a Sonos port? 

2 replies

Yes, a CONNECT:AMP or the Sonos Amp look like rooms in the Sonos software, and you can always group rooms.

Note that CONNECT:AMP has been replaced by AMP.

If the speakers are 8-Ohms, you can connect two zones to AMP. Both zones will play the same music and, unless there is some sort of control for each zone, you will not have any way to balance the Volume in the two zones.