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Hi jarancibial001

Not much information to understand what you need to know.

However, the Sonos Connect is used to send audio (stored songs or streaming service) via the Sonos app to an AV Receivers (AVR) with 3rd party speakers or powered speakers by connecting it's analog line -out or Optical line-out to a analog line-in or Optical line-in on the aforementioned devices.

It can also be used via a analog line-out from an AVR to send audio from a source connected to it (such as a turntable or CD player) to other Sonos speakers by connecting to the Sonos Connect's line-in.

Find more information about the Sonos Connect at the link:
Also, if you're looking to replace your Sony receiver, Sonos has discontinued the CONNECT:AMP, and now are selling what is called the Sonos Amp.

Doesn't mean there's anything wrong with the CONNECT:AMP, I expect it to continue to be supported for many more years, but the new Sonos Amp has more features. See:
Thank you. Now I am understand everything


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